Beach Theme Bathroom Decor

If you have always dreamed of having beach theme bathroom décor then find some great items and inspirational ideas to make it happen.

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Seashell décor for the bathroom can be anything and everything under the sun that pertains to seashells. This article is focused on a coastal theme bathroom decor but there are items here that you can mix into your home as well!

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The bathroom is the perfect room to start working on your coastal theme décor because you are decorating in a smaller space, which means you will finish quicker than your bedroom, living room or dining room area.

Ideas to Start:

beach theme bathroom
Beach Themed Bathroom Decor

Consider wrapping some white, blue or beige towels and displaying them in a cute silver toned beach pail right next to your bathtub shower area.
This will give you a pretty and decorative look for very little and you have a place to put all your fluffy towels.

Another good idea will be to display some pretty apothecary jars with lids or plain clear jars and fill them with pretty seashells, starfish or other shiny beach type objects. Add some sparkles mixed with sand to the bottom to make them stand out even more.

Don’t forget to add some pretty beach rugs to pull everything together.

beach theme bath towels

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You can also fill some long necked bottles full of sand and add some sparkly glitter to them. Insert a rolled up piece of paper to give the illusion of a message in the bottle that has been floating at sea for years and years.

beach theme bath towels
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Consider buying some seashell soaps to add to your soap dish for display. You might want to buy some cute seashell décor wall art or beach signs to help add some pep to your walls as well!

Beach Theme Bathroom Decor for Sale

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