Shell Mirrors for Sale

Find some cute shell mirrors for sale here or you can also learn to make your own.

A mirror made of seashells is “a good thing”.. or so Martha would say!

They can easily be made from a plain mirror and some extra shells you may have lying around your home.
So are you ready to make your own? Or would you rather just buy seashell mirrors that are ready made? Either way, find a lot of beach mirrors to buy here at great discounts.

shell mirrors for sale

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To make your own mirror all you need are some simple items including:
Plain mirror
Seashells of your choice
Clear All Purpose Sealant (you can find it with the caulking supplies at hardware store)
Note: You can also use a hot glue gun, but sealant might hold longer.
A newspaper or cloth to protect your working area

So you need to gather all of your seashells and make sure they have been cleaned. You do not want sand on the mirror or risk it loosening anything.
It will help if you plan out the layout of your frame first! You might want to make a small sketch of your finished product before you get crazy with your adhesive.

See it before you do it for the best results.
Once you have it laid out, start to put your frame together. This same method will also work on picture frames that you want to give a beach look to as well.

Please also visit our beach themed rooms section for ideas and plenty of items for the bedroom.

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