Decorating With Colorful Glass Bottles and Vases

colorful glass vases

I’ve always loved the way colorful glass bottles look. You might love them too for their colors, vintage look or just because they are the perfect size for displaying single flowers and branches.

They are simple to work with and can really liven up your space when you want a touch of light colors to remind you of soft (or dark!) hues from the beach.


colorful glass bottles

Arrange your bottles in groups of three for an aesthetically pleasing effect. Add some flower sprigs or use them to root some vines. This is a simple way to display bottles and will help you expand your garden.

Decorating with glass bottles

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How about something like this? Amy at came up with this gorgeous bottle display. Display your bottles or vases with sprigs of seasonal flowers right from your garden for color. You can also cut twiggy branches and show them off come winter time. My sister lives in a hot region of Texas and used very thin mesquite branches to decorate some vases for a party.

Everyone loved them!



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If you want your bottles to look more rustic or worn then try tying some raffia around the tops of each one. If you want to get even more creative then fill them with tiny seashells and sand and top them off with wine corks for displaying in a bathroom.

colored glass bottles

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glass bottles decorating ideas

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Here’s a really cool idea that will work for parties and centerpieces. Use a set of four or six bottles, bunch them together with raffia. This gives them that old fashioned milk bottle look. Fill them up with flowers from your garden or sprigs of greenery for a week-long decoration.

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glass-bottles-decorating-ideaColorful Glass Bottles


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