Seashell Wreath

Would you like to buy a seashell wreath for your front door? A wreath is a wonderful way to say hello to guests and a nice touch to celebrate any time of year.

Now you can customize your wreath to fit whatever occasion. Here is how you can easily make your own using some crafty skills.

seashell wreath
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Welcome guests in style with this lovely shell wreath elaborately decorated with beautiful ornament grass and pretty seashells.

There is nothing more heartwarming than a pretty wreath on someone’s door when you pull up to their home! Get ready for the complements to roll right in with this lovely display hanging up inside or outside. Since these wreaths are constructed from dried materials it is best to keep indoors in a protected area.

Where to Buy a Shell Wreath

seashell wreath
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I Want to Make My Own Seashell Wreath

Have you ever wanted to make your own homemade wreath? It’s fun and just requires a bit of patience but you will create a one of a kind wreath that you can be proud to display on your door or home.

You will need a grapevine wreath, artificial ornamental grass, seashells, 1 large starfish with 2 smaller ones, hot glue and floral picks.

seashell wreath basket
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Take your grapevine wreath and start adding the grasses to slowly cover the entire grapevine. Use the floral picks to hold pieces together that you like. This way, all you need to do is insert them with a bit of glue to hold them up.

seashell wreath on door
Photo by Brian Snelson (CC)

A wreath will come out best when you slowly layer it. Add the grasses until the wreath is full. Next, add your larger starfish as a focal point. You can place it in the middle or off to one of the sides of the wreath.

Add the other smaller starfish wherever desired. Lastly, add your seashells in bare spots that you think need an ornament. You can be very creative if you want to make your own wreath like this.

There are no limits on what you can add from silver dollar plant sprayed in silver to pieces of cat tails as an extra adornment!

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